Introduction to the Scientific Research of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine﹙JXUTCM﹚
Feb 8, 2015 11:01 PM  

Over the years, JXUTCM has adhered to the mission of promoting the progress of traditional Chinese medicine, forming the prominent advantage in the disciplinary fields such as pharmacy of Chinese materiamedica, acupuncture&massage.The already-studied-and-developed key technologies of Chinese pharmaceutical series and equipments have been adopted by more than 200 companies, producing good economic and social benefits.The original innovation fruit--- “Heat Sensitive Moxibustion” theory and technology---reveals the differences between acupuncture acupoints and moxibustion acupoints, and createsa new approach for treatment of diseases through endogenous heat-sensitive regulation,becoming the national industry construction standards. The “Heat Sensitive Moxibustion” was promoted to the globeatthe Shanghai World Expo,creating the patternof“ Long-established Tianjin Acupuncture,Time-honored Jiangxi Moxibustion”.JUTCM has founded and developed Jiang Zhong (Pharmaceutical) Group,the state-level new and high-tech enterprise that has the brand value of 6.087  billion Yuan and owns two listed companies. The total profit&tax payments to the country are more than 6 billion Yuan.

In the recent 5 years, JUTCM has undertaken 137state-level projects, including the State Plan for Development of  Basic Research in Key Areas("973 plan"), the State Plan for High-Tech Research and Development(“863” plan), the National Natural Science Fund, the “Science&Technology Support Plan of the ‘11th Five-year Plan’”,and 326 provincial and ministerial level projects. The average annual scientific research fund sreach 60.0492 million Yuan.JUTCM obtained 56 state-authorized invention patents,9 new drug certificates and 2 computer software copyrights. There are 28 results attaining awards at or above provincial&ministerial level.Among them,2results attained the second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and 4results attained the first prize of the Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.JUTCM has researched and developed70-odd traditional Chinese medicine and the related products, and16 products have successively exceeded the annual 100 million Yuan sales of  the single variety.Meanwhile, relying on the school-run enterprises, the school took the lead to build the new campus in the province's colleges and universities.Since the "11th Five-year Plan", the school has established a cooperative relationship with the large Chinese medicine production enterprises, such as Huiren Group,Jiminkexin Group, Tianqitang Group, Guizhou Yibai Group ,etc. In September, 2010,under the support of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, the school, as the lead unit, set up the "Strategic Alliance of the TCM Industry Technology Innovation of Jiangxi Province ". In the past two years, the school was successively approved 3 “2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers” by Jiangxi.

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