Compound Caoshanhu Tablet
Dec 29, 2014 02:07 PM  

Sarcandra glabraalso calledHerba Sarcandrae, Glabrous Sarcandra Herb, or Sarcandra glabera, belongs to Chloranthaceae plants. According to the records of the ancient China, Sarcandra glabra has the effects of anti-cancer and prolonging life,removing heat to expel wind, dissipating blood stasis and setting fractures. It contains a lot of chemical compositions, including volatile oils,flavonoid glycosides,cyanophoric glycosides,coumarin,herba sarcandrae lactone A & B6B—dimethoxy—7—hydroxy coumarinβ—sitosterol—B—D glucoside,astilbinisofraxidinlinalyl acetatefumaric acidsuccinic acid, etc.With the effectiveness of Sarcandra glabra, in 1985, our university developed Compound Caoshanhu tablets, whose efficacy is to disperse wind and heat,relieve swelling painand clear throats.Compound Caoshanhu tablets are applied for the pharyngitis caused byexogenous wind-heat, whose syndromeis sore throat and hoarse voice. In our country, it is the earliest buccal tablets of traditional Chinese medicine, which is used to treat acute laryngitis with the antibacterial effect of sarcandra glabra.

The preparation processof Compound Caoshanhu tablets adopts high performance liquid chromatographic technique to control the quality of products. Our university developed a kind of crystalline sorbitol specializing in Compound Caoshanhu tablets, replacing the sucrose powder. We invested and renovatedair conditioning system to ensure temperature and humidity requirements in the manufacturing environment. We developed the material of aqueous thin dispersion film for its coating. We imported high-speed heavy tablet machines from Fitow company in Germany.

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