Chen Kunshan
Mar 6, 2015 09:39 AM  

Chen Kunshan,born in May, 1936, one of the first batch of undergraduates from Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1962chief physician of TCM, professor, supervisor of postgraduates, one of the first batch of famous TCM doctors in Jiangxi province, state-level famous doctor, the second batch of national supervisors for academic inheritance of veteran TCM doctors, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. Academically, he promotes the combination of Chinese and western medicine, and insists that Chinese medicine should serve as the dominant and takes advantage of western medicine. He stresses the combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, the former being the major supplemented with the latter. He is good at taking in strong points of other doctors and adopting comprehensive prescriptions. He advocates that different methods can be used for different diseases, and treatment should be flexible and based on traditional Chinese medicine rather than being refrained by it; the classic medicine book Treatise on Cold Damage and Miscellaneous Diseases should be read intensively, and further research on the prescriptions should be made in the book. After over half a century’s clinical practice, he has accumulated the rich experience in common and intractable diseases in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics. He excels in curing liver and gallbladder, gastrointestinal diseases and rheumatism. He has made thorough study on diseases such as hepatitis, severe hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, upper digestive tract bleeding, rheumatism and rheumatoid. He has conducted practical and clinical study in the following fields: the relationship between the ALT elevation in viral hepatitis and damp-heat, the connection between various icteric hepatitis and blood stasis, hepatocirrhosis and hepatic fibrosis, getting peer praise. He has published over 30 essays and books, such as Study on Practical Hepatitis, Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Diseases and Life Guide, Practical TCM Rheumatology and China Rheumatology.

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