Fan Cuisheng
Mar 9, 2015 10:12 AM  

Fan Cuisheng,born in a well-known family of TCM in September 1931, professor, supervisor of postgraduates, part-time doctoral supervisor of China Academy of TCM, postdoctoral mentor of the Postdoctoral Research Station of Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of the first batch of 500 national supervisors for academic experience inheritance to the famous veteran TCM doctors under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He has long been engaged in the teaching and research of authentication of Chinese materia medica, raw pharmacognosy, science of Chinese materia medica processing and development &utilization of TCM resources. He has done a series of research on the specialty drugs of Jiangxi province such as Fructus Aurantii, Gardenia. He undertook the research on the national key project during the“8th Five-Year Plan”. He published more than 50 papers in the public journals and published more than 20 works. He is the sub-editor of the Compilation of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the chief editors of the works―Herbal ManualManual for the Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine CollectionAcquisitionApplication of Chinese Materia Medica, Processing Standardization of Chinese Materia Medica in Jiangxi, Complete Works on Collection, AcquisitionApplication of Chinese Materia Medica,and the editorial board member of the textbook Authentication of Chinese Materia Medica for the national medical college students. He was once awarded the national outstanding teacher, the labor model of Nanchang city, the National Scientific Conference Award, Jiangxi Provincial Scientific Conference Award, the first prize for the Excellent Teaching Achievement of Institutions of Higher Learning in Jiangxi Province, the prize for Progress in Science and Technology under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Jiangxi Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

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